Discovery Curriculum Showcase

This half term we have delved deep into our Discovery Curriculum, focusing on history. We hope that you enjoy the video that we have put together to showcase the amazing learning that has taken place!

Year 1 and 2 have been exploring Ancient Egypt by travelling back in time to visit tombs and pyramids. Did you know the Ancient Egyptians invented bowling? We even made our own bowling pins from clay.

We also learnt about the Ancient Egyptian Gods and made our own death masks. We loved listening to songs about the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians and Cleopatra.

This half term year 3 and 4 have explored Ancient Maya! We have learned lots about the beliefs and culture of the Ancient Maya – a civilisation which lived over 4000 years ago in Mesoamerica (South America and Mexico). We particularly enjoyed learning about Maya masks and creating our very own! We also tasted hot chocolate, inspired by the Maya people! We were intrigued to discover how life was different for the common and ruling Maya, writing our own limericks to showcase this!

This half term year 5 and 6 have gone back in time to the Shang dynasty in Ancient China. We found out how archeologists found the first proof of their existence when they discovered Dragon or Oracle Bones. These had the first forms of Chinese writing, giving details of the life of the Shang people. We explored their inventions, such as chopsticks and the first calendars as well as their writing, and found out how little they have changed today. We created our own Oracle Bones and designed our own cities.